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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 24, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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fox news answer this question. should lawmakers return to d.c. to debate the president's authority to bomb syr tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." would golf be as fun if you had to wait? or would it be like soccer. we report and you suffer what is the longest the president has gone without blinking? >> 46 days. that is not an exageratio in. . >> and finally, what is better than one batman singing the greatest ever? 542 at the same time. >> ♪ ymca >> none of these stories on
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>> now, she is hotter than global warming and ever bit as hated. it joanneñskv. and it is like doing two things at once. check out his latest documentary. "women aren't funny" now on itunes and amazon. he doesn't know where to look. it is a bird, a plane, the best mustache you have laid your eyes on. he is also the president of "red eye" don't you know. >>a block. the lede. that is the first story. >> you can smoke your red while cutting off heads. that means it is time for an
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-- >> is this racist? >> we are moving along. residents of kirkuk say isis has backed off the smoking ban. it was against the selling of cigarettes. according to the press, the extremist act oi ns caused them toport. and in other isis, newss president obama will call on a ban for those who try to enlist wars. you know who is against the threat?
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>> you cannot be happier than that dog. am -- is the president doing the right thing here and will his hisresolutionpass? >> they have never agreed on a deafening of terrorism. i think they will come out officially againss beheadings and killing women and children and i think it will be unanimous. >> they never follow-up with anything that could have preventative capability. we don't like it, but far be it for us to do anything about it. >> here is the thing with the smoking thing. if you watch any prison movie or documentary they lure you in with cigarettes. that is how they get you. how bad is it in this country and how uh -- addicting are
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cigarettes when they say we don't care about the raping and pillaging, but please don't take our cigarettes. >> it is good. they are panicking. they are giving the smoking back. >> they may be more sofisticated . they are using social media. all the time they are consolidating control over territory the size of britain which is frightening. they are engaged in ethnic cleansing. >> and there are reports they killed 300 iraqi soldiers, but i have not seen the news item. >> they put it up as a youtube video. i'm sure that is coming soon. >> andy, welcome back. i understand you have new
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information for you. >> i don't. >> he was gone for awhile. >> number one, if you want to do anything productive is hill -- hilarious. two, isis is more liberal on cigarettes than most liberals. and a lame joke about camels. >> you just figured if you did it -- >> why not say a lame joke about camels. >> that would be a good headline. >> isis is like rhinos now. they are like the rhinos of the try community. they say we are not voting for you. you caved on the cigarettes. >> their isis raiding level went from one to three. all right. i know you are angry for appealing their smoking ban, but there has to be more. >> the real threat is the secondhand smoke wafting over
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to us. and we know the obama administration has no tolerence. >> doesn't the president smoke? >> yes. >> they are going to make all of the profit off of it anyhow.x÷ that is like capone saying no more alcohol. you know what i mean? it is taking money out of their own pocket. >> they are choosing prove fit over the prophet. >> we are taping this as there is a military incursion going on. i don't want you to predict anything. >> one of two things will be happening by the time we go on. the public reports that the president may authorize strikes inside syria this evening or within a few days. she will speak to the general
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assembly on wednesday. given the strikes he authorized they have been minimal. >> we will have to wait and see. there were many celebs and one talking head. the people march in new york city on sunday drew more than 300,000 pro tears. some bited. some bathed. it included mark rufallo and ban ki-moon. he is the one on the right. dicaprio marched with indigenous groups. i have no proof of that. it was not only the people march. camille foster talked to them for reason magazine. do we need to bring forward green energy? that can only happen under a new socialist society.
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>> meanwhile it would not be a protest without the perfect protest song. >> ♪. how can you ignore the drops and fires ♪ >> that is fantastic. do we live in an era where we have everything we want all the time, right now? >> we live in a grotesque era where we have everything we want right now. >> i think we have way too much stuff and we use energy like it is never going to run out. it will run out eventually. >> turn everything off. everyone turn everything off. i really need my cell phone. >> these guys are in their 60s and 70s and # had all of their stuff. they don't want you to have your stuff. they will go back.
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i don't need my phone. that is because you don't have any friends. >> we live in a grotesque era where we have everything we want all the time right now. >> i think having less is freeing. >> rich, all right. there is a lot of angles to talk on. what struck you? >> if dicaprio was so worried about energy, maybe he would stop making three-hour movies, okay? nobody wants to see a three-hour movie. right there. second of all, all of the celebrities need a cause. if they don't adopt african babies they do energy. charity, you are not supposed to let people know you are doing it. his next movie i will not go to see. i will download it for free
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just to show him. >> i think the celebrities are doing it for their own gain, but they are being duped. these are anti--western ideologies. it is about stoping a certain kind of success. >> absolutely. even if you assume there is global warming and it is man made and bad for the earth, you argue about what the solutions are. if the problem was global cooling instead of global warming they would be advocating the same. it has nothing to do with the problem they are pining it on. it has to do with long-term ideology. it is easier to describe it as red over green. >> they gave a clear solution, turn it off. >> this is a baby boom
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generation and spent all of that time turning it on. >> dicaprio did'o drive his smart car to the pro tee. >> joanne, would you turn it all off? >> i don't like scare tactics. i don't respond well to that. they all argue for the science. oh there were studies and it is proven. it is selective science. there are ice ages and warming. i do think the things they are doing is affecting the environment. we are all damned anyway. >> there you go. we will all be damned anyway, andy. i know you have too much stuff. >> i have a lot of stuff. >> if you had less stuff you would be happier. >> i turn off every one so i think that is doing my part. joanne, i'm sorry. you can't tell me if dicaprio
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and rufallo and sting -- there is no way they can be wrong about something. even if you don't believe the scientists, you have to believe the celebrities. more to the point it is two doctors bruce banner and they know more about science than you on the panel. white people on the left suck at protesting. this lady says we live in an era where we get everything we want all the time. that would be awful. honestly this is white privilege. these people need to be called out. we have everything he want all the time. that's not true. >> and the guy who says having less is freeing. that . to the people in the sudan who are the free est people on the planet. >> and those who say they have
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too much are just old and misplaced it. >> or gone through three divorces or bankruptcies. >> their exhas too much. >> from you empty like i am, you buy two of everything. if you can't fill the void with shoes off ebay late at night you don't have anything to live for. >> and my iphone 6has not arrived yet. i don't have that phone yet. >> i bet she does. >> that what a -- that was a march against gate. guilt. two is company, but is three a crowd? a massage therap sighi --
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therapist will get surgery to have an extra boob procedure. here is her motovation in a q and a. >> i am starting a reality show. my ultimate goal is to get it on mtv. my main motivation is fame and fortune. >> she can dream, very ambitious. was it difficult finding somebody to do it. it w pa s very difficult finding somebody to do it. it breaks the code of ethics. it is actually not even legal. >> i love this person. and it breaks the laws of nature. what is your favorite ice cream? >> what is your favorite ice cream flavor? mint. >> i am never having mint again. that was my favorite. are there disadvantages to having three boobs? >> i used to be able to open a
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beer bottle with my boobs. anything is possible if you believe in yourself. i will try later. i will not give up. just try. that is all it takes. effort. don't sit at home. >> that is so inspirational. guy guys will sleep with a girl with one eye in the center of her head and he will tell his friends she what focused. there is one guy somewhere with three nuts going, i found her. >> and he is next to you, by the way. >> five minutes of fame. >> joanne, is this really an empowering message? bra shopping is hard enough. >> i feel bad for her.
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i do. she even said that 50 doctors would not do this procedure. >> she is mentally ill. >> they won't do it because surgeries out of the norm will have something will going on. she wants to be less attractive to men? there is something will going on. i don't even want to human her because it makes me sad. >> you are staying away from making a joke because you feel bad? you are not joanne. who is this person? >> i don't know. >> i am frightened now. i think she wants to do this to be on reality tv. >> did she do the climate change demonstration yesterday? >> could this be an argument that critics in western civil -- ci vie lization trying to make all along? >> it is the beginning of the end. no doubt about it.
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>> you cannot make it up. >> the last time we saw a woman with three breasts what in total recall. >> i am not interested in 3-d movies so i am not interested in a 3-d woman. >> i just got that. >> you are body shaming this poor woman who through no fault of her own has a third breast. leave her alone. the penalty for doing things like this is you are forced to move to florida. that is where she is from though so there is nothing we can do to her. >> i hope she makes more videos. >> she can be the lewis and clark of experimental surgeries. i would like a hand on my back so i can scratch my back in places i couldn't scratch. >> how do you cut the fingernails? >> you go to one of those
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plays. >> sometimes you will have breast6sex and -- can i say that? >> they don't understand you. >> so sphaer i am sakes -- so far i am six for six. >> we have to take a break. coming up, my new kick-starter plan. if you donate in the next few weeks i will not kick you in the face. a reporter quits on air. we will find out why by reading the story during the break. ,c
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he chosethc.
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she quit her job live on air sunday after revealing she is the owner of a medical marijuana business. charlow green ended a report on the alaska can -- cannibus club. >> i will be dedicating my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness. as for this job, not that i have a choi, but [bleep] i quick. >> we apologize for that. we will be right back. >> oddly she was promoted to lead anchor. she did a terrible job in the transition. they said, viewers we
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apologize for the inappropriate language on the air tonight. the employee has been terminated. i thought she quit. this comes on whether alaskans will vote on whether to use marijuana. >> why are americans arrested every 37 seconds and alaska abs every 4 hour. a responsible adult should be able to choose. i am the president and the ceo of the alaska cannibus club. >> i was right to be suspicious. should we start the story over since i got her name wrong? in colorado where pot is already legal.
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>> gay marriage. >> well first gay marriage and then you legalize marijuana. this is the america you wanted. it is all going to hell. i will be in my bunker with glen beck. you will all by fried. she said she didn't plan to quit on air. do you buy that? that seems choreographed to me. >> she knew what she was going to do. it is still illegal at the federal level and laws attempted at the state level to override the federal is called null law law -- nullification. they should be struck down. the justice department would like to legalize it at the federal level. >> can we still do this story? >> we can do it. >> which one of you is going to jail? that is the only question.
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>> she certainly brute attention to her cause. >> they said to the one black person in alaska, quit your job on tv. it is not good. i am just saying. >> i like how you add that. >> i am pro everybody. >> you really are. >> you can tell. >> you are a postive-influenec for all. >> they say pot smokers are lazy. right there i am quitting my job to smoke pot. >> i don't think she was a good agent for marijuana when she swears on tv. the point is the stigma of you not caring. it is of you not putting in your best effort. >> apathy. >> she said i am owning a b usiness so f-off.
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>> pot, really, if you are going to get high, get high. you know what i mean? sell your mom's car. do breaking and entering, big deal. i am a team player. >> i am afraid to ask what are clean from. >> 28 years. my bottom was free base. >> really? >> i would have done anything -- you know what i mean. 28 years clean. i am no pro marijuana. to me it is a gateway drug. i don't care if you are a smoker, but nobody starts smoking meth or crack. they start with pot or alcohol. >> speak for yourself. >> to me i just don't see anything positive. it is not a positive thing if you quit your job in front of the country. >> does it anger you when somebody has a great job in
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front of a tv market and throws it away? >> it is the most exciting thing to happen. how many were watching the broadcast? i don't know. but if she wanted to do this she should have done it better. the thing about cursing is people are trying to hold it back. when mike baker curses it is the best. if you mean it, really mean it. guy exactly. i felt it was overly orchestrated. if you are running a tvstation you must fear this could happen on a live show. but not on "red eye." >> shut up. smoke weed, don't smoke weed. who cares? stop making your life about weed. there is a name for people who make their whole life about alcohol. there is a similar name for
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people who make their whole life about weed. get a damn life. stop it. not only does she violate ethics, she did not disclose she was the president and then screwed over her co anchors and left that poor woman to clean up her mess. i hope she never works again. and it is alsopossible i am in a mood. >> we always made people who are into pot seem funny. cheech and chong. it was the drunk comedian, dean martin. and then it was chief -- chief and chong. we get it seth rogin. >> in alaska though, fishing? >> it is a beautiful place. >> in the media i just see
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wilderness. >> you can see russia from alaska. >> boo. >> i will cut that out. >> cut out the other one too. >> i am actually going to leave that in there. >> why did i say that? >> you can get tormented on twitter. i want to drive you back to crack. >> everything is going good. i figured out a way to ruin it. >> your crack was your bottom. there is a joke in there. >> coming up, who will played ward snowden in the new movie? i call that typecating. >> we sell the finest of pastaacessories. buy a necklace or choker or collar. thank you macaroni jewelry
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12:33 am reports that oliver stone has sights set on edward snowden in his next movie. it will be snow sled or snow
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job. stone has acquired the rights to two snowden books. one called "the time of the octapus" and the other "the guardian who is not glen green wall." will he be the rat he is or will he undergo a hollywood makeover? count on accuracy. it is to start filming in munich this december. snowden continues to live in i disguise. >> that was great. i am going to you first, andy. i have a lot of information about snowden. they had to i discontinue for
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upsetting other countries. it lead to the death of innocent people. defend this terror-loving freak. >> i want to talk about casting. there is not a lot of physical similarity. he is a fine actor and he will do a great job portraying one of the bravest people i know. i think oliver stone made a mistake. "time of the octapus" is actual porn. stone likes the weed and other stuff. i think maybe he what mislead there. >> after years of smoking weed you get scriesy. -- crazy. i think if you want to be an idiot, be an idiot. how did i get on this topic? >> do you think snowden is a traitor or are you wrong? >> here is the thing. as a movie maker i have it
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"women are funny" on itune. >> every major comic in the movie. >> and you. >> i know when oliver is going after a hot topic, "women aren't funny" we went after that topic. all i can say is rent my movie. >> an amazing, subtle plug. >> i show you right here, snowden, nothing. >> he is a nobody. he is a zero. >> it was not worth writing about. i already knew at this point in the show i did enough funny stuff. it carries over to the snowden thing. >> i love how you use the show as if you are talking to your agent or manager. when i do "red eye" i should only do a couple of jokes. after that, i don't read the stories. >> you would think he wants to
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make up for the happy alaska jokes. >> that is true. >> am -- they will make a scoundrel look like a hero. >> if the best oliver stone can do is snowden they have reached rock bottom. there is nothing you can do in a movie to make this guy exciting. he is a traitor, but he is a complete nerd. he is lost somewhere in russia and nobody knows what he is up to. what kind of movie will it be? i have no idea who the actor is. >> was he in "third rock from the sun"? >> yes. >> and was he in -- >> "inception." >> "dazed and confused." we have an old crew. what are your feelings about this film? >> i am looking at it from the
12:38 am
actor's perspective. if i was him and i was offered the part of someone who i think is awful, would i still do it? i don't agree with this character i am playing. i don't see the sympathy there. the answer is yes if i was paid enough money. >> do you get paid in advance for this? you can do what you want with the part? >> i can tell you this, none of us have been in an oliver stone movie. we can't answer that. >> i still think i have a shot. >> you think it would stop us from answering? >> we are going to do this story. the story has been on our outline for a week, and now we will do it. who is the biggest deal behind the wheel? idaho is the state with the est.
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others are dc, wyoming, delaware, canada. didn't know that was a state. others are talking on a cell phone. tailgating, not signaling turns, driving too fast and shooting people in the face with a high-powered rifle. what do you do if someone cuts you off? here is the proper way to handle it. >> cut me off like that? [bleep]. let me get your license plate. you think are you so [bleep] funny. you cut me off [bleep]. film that fatty. >> she will be outnumbered tomorrow.
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she would never be on outnumbered. she could have handled that better. >> could i have u se d her. she could have softened people up. >> i picture you at the u.n being just like that. >> this is the point i want to make, rich. i almost called you rob. i don't know why. if i bumped into you on the street you say excuse me. why is it different in cars? cars change people attitudes. >> that means i don't have anything -- here is the thing. here is my stupid joke. i hate -- in cars i hate when people like if they had the same car as you they drive by and they are like, we have nothing in common. i would never hang out -- i would rather people flip me off than go like this anytime. >> yeah. >> but in the street, the differenc is when you are in a car you are more in a rush or
12:41 am
more in a hurry than walking on the street. >> i i disagree. i am the rude e walker. if somebody is walking slowly in front of me i stamp my feet harder to see if they can hear i am behind them. i will then scoot past and go excuse me. >> and then you will push the wheelchair aside. >> or give it a kick. >> not only your walker, but for stepping my great ad lib i was coming up with. thank you. i didn't have anything. >> i'm sure she wasnt expecting it. >> you are crazy in the car. of course new york that got to be number one with all of these cabdrivers. look at them. you know what? how come when you are in the cab they drive so nice and slow. you know what i mean? the second you are not -- that
12:42 am
is not even my punch line. >> andy? >> new york should be on the list. dcwas there too. i agree that is true. it is mi leading. my experie nce are maryland driver rtz wore >> are the worst. i can only imagine every other place other than l.a. offsets the rudness of l.a. drivers where there is no left turn lane and they don't put their signal on. that is l.a. driving. they are so rude it is unbelievable. >> that was a great story. we can all identify. i have to go. guy don't you expect punch lines for him? >> there was no punch line
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there. a soccer story with contact. must have taken place off the field.
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should she leave soccer because she socked her? i hope so. soccer star hope solo plays for the u.s. women team despite domesticviolence.
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solo extended her shutout record to 73. solo one of the biggest names in sports pled not guilty to assault that happened last summer at a party. so far sponcers and team officials are standing by her. personal situation at the moment. and she is setting a record that speaks to her hard work and dedication with the national team "or put simply, we want to win. does this -- is it a legitimate complaint becasuse of how they deal with men. >> the national football league have to act on criminal acts off the field. there is no just --
12:48 am
justification if it didn't go on. but it legitimate for the sport to say we will let that play out. on the soccer allegation, we will see what happens. >> one, nobody cares about soccer. two, nobody cares about women soccer. she hit her nephew -- that is not -- everybody fights with their family. they are trying to build up the sport and get some coverage. i mean build up, you know what i mean. it is ridiculous. i beat up my brother all the time. will you bring me to court? >> that was a longtime ago. like four years ago. a guy hits hi girl in an elevator, yes. okay. you smack around your nephew, please. >> joanne, thoughts? >> on what he said or can i
12:49 am
switch gears? >> you can switch gears? >> what is more interesting is the sponsorship. nike dropped adrian peterson. but hope is a spokeperson and that has a lot to do with the press with the sponsor. i know they want to hold on to their female fan base. and a lot of women feel the abuse regard less of gender is abuse. >> i think the difference is there is no media spotlight. the good news is that now that "red eye" is covering it on the back of the show it will change and i expect her to be suspended by thursday. >> it will be 3:45 in the
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morning. the miley cyrus story that ambassador demand we do. when you compare the top speed of dsl from the phone company
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with the top speed of comcast business internet... well, there's really no comparison. why pay more for less? call today for a low price on speeds up to 150mbps. and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. last story. that is the last story. >> her butt was flogged with
12:54 am
their flag. miley cyrus is accused of disrespecting mexico. dancers pretended to whip her butt with mexican flags. if only there was video. ♪ mexico was not pleased. y specially on np day. dash you are a huge miley fan. are you proud or disgusted? >> how do you know it is prosthetic? >> is that what are you focussing on? >> they were mexico flags. that would have gotten her more attention.
12:55 am
i am tired of this day 1810 or whatever this is. >> i got an e-mail that i can not end the show until we do a miley cyrus story. all right, what punishment would you like her to receive? >> in mexico they take the butt serious. that is used for drug muling and not flag spanking. >> that is it. i am done. i can't follow that. >> few people would follow that. joanne, does anything represent in de pendance like miley? >> no. she wears what she wants and says what she wants. theygax should adopt one of her songs a their national anthem. >> would it solve problems?
12:56 am
>> at lee two. >> we have four to five minutes left. indulge your feelings. she is on pace to offend every person on the planet. has anyone asked the flag if it felt desicrated ? if your country is butt hurt because of something done to a cloth it sucks. look up laws in foreign countries before you do things you take for granted because you live in the great e country in the world, aka, america. that is my hot take on this, greg. how much longer do i stretch? >> i am surprised you said butt hurt. >> it is a piece of cloth. >> if your patriotism is strong you don't care. >> my flag flew through the
12:57 am
night and the rockets red glare. >> yeah, andy. they shut you down. >> quickly, thank you to "red eye" fans for their con -- condolences.
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p >> hello, everyone, eric bowling, dana perina. this is "the five." last night the u.s. military began air strikes against isis in syria. this morning the president outlined his strategy before he headed to new york for u.n. meetings. >> last night on my orders, america's armed forces began strikes against isil targets in syria. the overall effort will take time, there will be challenges ahead. but we're going to do what's necessary to take the fight to this terrorist group. for the security of the country


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